Saturday, February 6, 2016

Coffee Paring and Plant Based Dessert

I love food and coffee.  When it comes to my food and my coffee, I have some high expectations.  I want high quality food, organic if possible, chemical free and nutritious.  I want my coffee to be chemical free, from the best beans and roasted to perfection.  Not much to ask.  Atlas Coffee Club provided me with some of the best coffee grounds that I had tasted in a long time.  The chocolaty tones that I smelled while the Peruvian grounds brewed reassured me that it would go great with my dessert that I was serving to family and friends after a meal.  

After delicately placing my oh so perfect "plant based" desserts on plates and had poured the Peruvian coffee into my coffee cups, I served my creation to the people I love. What better feeling is there, then to feed the ones that you love, wholesome nutritious food and great tasting coffee?  

The raspberries and blueberries were perfect in this dish to complement the sweet taste in the coffee.  If you would like to drink your Atlas Coffee with this dessert, the recipe is here:

Not only did I get a chance to try the Peruvian coffee, I got to indulge in the Ethiopian blend too. I decided to try this coffee in my Chemex.  Is there anything more gratifying then your morning ritual of making coffee?  The smell of the grounds, the sound of your water boiling, the anticipation of your first cup.  The aroma of the coffee was so alluring.  I could not wait to have that cup of java.   What can I say about the taste of the coffee?  Clean, sweet, blueberry, spicy.  The perfect dessert to go with this wasn't really a dessert, but was a sweet creation.  Plant based Blueberry Muffins.  Yes.  

These muffins were so moist and hearty.  Even after a couple days, when there was only one lonely muffin left, it still was perfect to eat. I took them to church to share at Sunday morning breakfast, people were surprised that they were "plant based".   Recipe for these delectable muffins are below:

These blueberry muffins would make a great gift to someone who needs a little pick me up during this long, cold winter.  Place them in a basket, along with a bag of coffee from Atlas Coffee Club and deliver to a neighbor, friend, a local nursing home.  What better way to care for someone, then to feed them and give them quality coffee?

Atlas Coffee Company has out done themselves with their coffee and roasting qualities.  If you are a coffee lover or you have a coffee lover in your life, seriously think about getting a few bags of Atlas Coffee Company coffee or a subscription, that will be delivered to your door on a monthly basis.  They also have a guide on their website on how to brew your coffee in different ways.  Check it out here:

Would you like to know more about Atlas Coffee Company?  Check out their bio below.

Atlas Coffee Club, designed as a coffee subscription service, sources and delivers gourmet coffee from around the world. Passionate about sharing the unique differences of each region their coffee is farmed, Atlas Coffee Club includes recommended brewing tips, such as French Press instructions, along with tasting notes for consumers to identify when consuming to best enjoy each batch. 

Enjoy your coffee and desserts in life, it's to short not too!