Sunday, November 22, 2015

Is Fasting Good For You?

Juice fast.  Sugar fast.  Carb fast.  Vegetable fast.  Fruit fast.  There are a lot of different fasts out there, but are any of them good for you?  Should you even fast at all?  The answer is yes and yes.  There are some fasts out there that are good for you; body, mind and spirit and yes you should fast!

A few things before we get started.  Remember, easy off easy on.  If your weight is dropping off easily, it will come back just as easy!  If you are fasting and losing weight at an alarming rate, JUST STOP!  Fasting is NOT a weight loss tool.  Intermittent fasting changes the cell functions.  It is a rejuvenating of your soul.  It is not a healthy diet.

Intermittent fasting changes the function of cells, genes and hormones.  Your body initiates important cellular repair, changes hormone levels to make stored fat more accessible to burn and removes waste from the cells when fasting. When you do intermittent fasting you CAN lose weight, but more than likely, you will gain it back.  This is not the goal, the goal is to make your body function at it's best so you can feel your best and do your best.

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Some other benefits of fasting are:

Cut the risk of diabetes
Can reduce insulin resistance
Reduce inflammation
May help prevent cancer
Promotes longevity
Gives your digestion system time to heal and repair
It is good for your brain

Here is how to fast:

1.  Pick one day a week, or a few days a month and mark it on your calendar.  Stick to the plan of fasting those days.  Try to do two to three days in a row.
2.  Try a gentle fast; eat only raw vegetables or only fruit
3.  Drink only green smoothies
4.  Drink only fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juice
5.  Eat only salad (no croutons, or dressing:)
6.  Fast 8 to 16 hours and then eat.  DON'T gorge yourself when you do finally eat
7.  Drink plenty of WATER
8.  Exercise (I know a lot of people who think that they don't need to exercise because they are losing weight on a certain diet.  This is wrong!  Your body NEEDS to move, move it!)
9.  On the days you are not fasting, eat a healthy diet
10. On the days that you are fasting spend extra time with God, pray, read, or just be quiet!  We are so busy all the time, I think we forget to just be STILL!

Couple freebies to end the blog.  Your body was designed to naturally clean itself, it is a cleaning machine!  Look at all your organs and how they function.  You have a lymph system, your lungs, your liver, your kidneys, your digestive system.  All cleaners.  You are not going to detox yourself with any fast.  There is no scientific evidence that proves you get rid of toxins by fasting, juicing or a raw diet.

Take care of yourself, be happy and love life!



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