Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Plant Based Stables that YOU Need in Your Home


They can be used in place of butter or mayo, makes great avocado toast, also can be used in baking.
Nutritional value-yes, the avocado has a lot of "fat and calories" but it is GOOD fat that your body needs, full of fiber, and vitamins, what's not to love!?


Great alternative to dairy milk, can be used in mashed potatoes and your baking needs too.
Almond milk is high in antioxidants, heart healthy, full of vitamins and minerals.  The one thing you really need to watch is the sugar in Almond milk.  Get unsweetened if you can.


Add them to pancakes, oatmeal, peanut butter and BERRY sandwich, who needs jelly?  
Berries help stop free radicals that produce inflammation, they have fiber, vitamins, they might even help your memory.  


Use it in all your baking needs, or be like me, use it to make deodorant!  I have been for over a year and love it.
Coconut oil has medicinal purposes, increases energy, and can improve bad cholesterol!


The go to snack.  Spread it on your sandwich before you pile on the veggies, use as a dip (of course) for pita bread and vegetables.
Hummus has been around for ages.  It is extremely popular in the Middle East.  Hummus is also nutritional, along with tasty, but is high in calories!  Hummus is made with chickpeas, has great fiber benefits, plus protein, but less fat that mayo.  


Bake with them, stir fry them, milk 'em or just eat 'em.  Anyway you choose, they are delicious and NUT-ritious.
You got your fiber, your protein, your low sugar, your omega 3 fatty acids…need I say more?


Kale and spinach, I love them both.  I put them in soups, casseroles, stir fry, I bake them too!  
You can eat a whole lot of kale or spinach for not a lot of calories.  That doesn't mean that they are nutritionally void, in fact just the opposite!  They are full of vitamins, PROTEIN, yes PROTEIN, minerals, and is a great detoxifier for your body.


Mix together and you have a great drink that is energizing, detoxifying, potassium building, and inflammation zapping!  Drink daily!


The ancient grain that all the South Americans knew about!  Quinoa is a complete protein (and it's a plant!!!!)  Use it in place of rice.  Protein, fiber, micro and macro nutrients.  I really do not need to say anything more, do I?


I hated sweet potatoes as a child.  I am sad that I missed out on precious time with this wonderful root.  Bake them, mash them and make them into bread!  They are good anyway you eat them and good for you!  Fiber, check, vitamin A, check, inexpensive, check and magnesium to ward off stress and to help you relax, double check!

Having these 10 foods in your house at all times will make it easier for you to eat healthy, stay energized and make good food choices!

Enjoy YOUR day!

***Try to purchase organic as much as possible***

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