Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Good Food Day Book Review

Spring is in the air, in Iowa.  Sort of.  Okay, only for a few days, last week, and then it went away, BUT it will come back!  Those few precious days of warm weather put me in the mood for a fresh, spring salad.  Something light, crisp and satisfying!

Maneuvering through my cookbooks, I came across A Good Food Day by Marco Canora.  The cover caught my attention in an instant!  GREEN!  HEALTHY!  FRESH!  I had to make it!  Shaved asparagus, quinoa salad.  This recipe had my favorite things; asparagus, avocado, quinoa, onion, lime and flavor!  Being a plant based eater, this salad had plenty of protein, fiber, micro and macro nutrients  that my body needs (your body too!)

This cookbook is more than a cookbook.  It breaks down nutrition, dry goods, oils, protein, alkaline foods and so much more.  As someone who studies nutrition on a regular basis, I found this book extremely informative, and easy to understand.

The week before I found this recipe, I received an email from my friends at The Blue Zones Project , asking me to do a cooking demonstration at our local Relay For Life event.  Did I think twice about doing the cooking demo? No!  I hurled myself into this opportunity!  I already had the perfect recipe in mind!  Of course, the recipe was a hit!

I am going to trail off here a moment and talk about the Blue Zones Project.  BZ is a community based initiative that is about making YOUR community a healthy, happy, joyful place to live and work.  They have 9 Power Principles:
Oskaloosa's Progress

Move Naturally
Know Your Purpose
Down Shift (take time out)
80% Rule (stop eating when you're 80% full)
Plant Slant ( I LOVE THIS ONE)
Wine at 5
Right Tribe (find some friends!)
Loved Ones First

Oskaloosa started this process a little over a year ago.  Goals are set for your community, such as citizens pledging to do a few of the Power 9 Principles stated above, grocery stores, business and schools also pledge to become Blue Zones Certified.

A Good Food Day fit in perfectly with what the Blue Zones Project is all about; eating healthfully and plant based.

Seriously, yummy.

I was a LITTLE excited about my first plant based cooking demo.

Natalie handing out the samples.

Be sure to click on my link above about Blue Zones Project to learn more about BZ and what it can do for your community!

Now, go make that salad!

"I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review."

Enjoy YOUR day.


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