Saturday, July 5, 2014

Carrot Dogs and Family

Happy Post Forth of July!  Yesterday I spent the day at the lake with my sister, her family and our brother.  (My husband and son are in Minnesota with his family). The big question was, who is going to bring what? After a few texts, phone conversations and an accidental  "FaceTime" call ( I just got an iPhone and still do not really know how to use it) we decided that Emily would bring hot dogs, chips and water, I would bring fruit and my own meat substitute…I decided now was the time to try CARROT DOGS.

I had seen them on Facebook, instagram and other vegan websites, claiming that they were wonderful, almost like a hot dog, they even had the "snap" of a real hot dog!  etc. etc. etc.  Could a vegetable really take the place of a good ole fashion American hot dog?  I was bound and determined to find out!

First off…no…it does not take the place of a ole fashion American hot dog.  It doesn't even really take the place of a tofu dog.  Does it taste good?   Yes, it does!  It is a marinated vegetable that is grilled, how could it not taste good?  But to say that it takes the place of a hot dog, that might be stretching the truth a little much!  Will I eat them again?  YES I sure will!


Here it is, the carrot dog!  

On the boat!  Isn't my niece cute!

Channa, my brother in law, kept my "dogs" separate from their dogs!
My brother in the white shirt, enjoying the view and the breeze and Channa being the captain of the boat.

My sister and niece!!  Follow her blog at Sugar For Breakfast!

Over all it was a stupendous day!  We enjoyed the fresh air!  The scenery was beautiful and at the end of the boat trip we saw a breathtaking sunset!  The best part of the day was family.  I throughly enjoyed  visiting some of my favorite people!  BEST of all, they each took a bite of my carrot dog!    Did they like it one little bit?  No, they didn't (I think their all beef hot dog ruined their taste buds) BUT they tried one little bite for me, and that made my heart sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy YOUR family, everyone!

Au revoir!  

A la votre  


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