Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ann's Secret Marinade…Not that secret, I am going to share it!

Where do you get your protein?  The $64,000 question most vegan or plant based foodies get.  The funny thing is, these same people who ask me where I get my protein or B Vitamins, NEVER asked me why I was eating the fat, sugar, calorie, chemical laden food that I was shoving in my pie hole every day, before I lost a 100 pounds…Never…I don't know if they really care NOW where I get my protein or if they are more concerned about proving a point that I don't get enough protein, which I do.  Anyway!  Protein is in EVERYTHING!  Really!  Fruits, Veg, Grains, Seeds, Beans.  Some of these are not complete proteins, so you have to combine food groups, to make that meal have all the amino acids, to make the complete protein, which is simple enough.  ( more about that later)  Now, let's move on to my marinade that I made a few days ago for my tofu dinner!  It was delicious, filling and was complete in my protein intake!

Printable Recipe TOFU

The goods that you will need.  

I press my tofu in-between paper towels and then something really heavy on top, in the fridge for a few hours.

Found this at Whole Foods, pretty tasty!

Love this stuff, and a local grocery store sells it!  Win Win!

My sister got me hooked! 

I did add some Curry, but totally up to you!

Tofu.  There are many people out there that have a vendetta against tofu.   I do not eat tofu every day and sometimes go weeks without eating it.  Before you eat anything, take the time, do some of your own research, ask questions and then decide. 

Throw it in the bowl.

Give a stir, be careful, tofu does like to crumble.

Add the green onions.  Set in fridge for at least an hour to marinate.

Melt the coconut oil in the pan and add the tofu mixture. 

Looks tofu yummy!  Carefully turn the tofu cubes onto each side to get nice, brown and a little crispy.

Throw it in the pan too.  Heat threw.

DONE!  Scoop it on to a bed of fluffy couscous!  All the protein you need, vitamins, fiber, minerals!  Complete amino acids…your body will thank you!  So will your mouth!  

Au revoir!  

A la votre  


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