Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year's Resolutions. Are You Keeping Yours?

We are a strong two weeks into the year 2014.  How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions?  Are you still going strong, or have you already stopped going to the gym?  Have you started smoking again, or took that $20 you saved (to start your new savings stash) to go get a large caramel latte mocha frappe?

Every year I make goals, not resolutions.  I don't want to change me, I want to become a better me.  Ann, only 10 times healthier, funner (is that a word) happier and more successful!

To hold myself more accountable to my goals for the year 2014, I thought I would share them with you! Some of them are personal, so please don't judge!  These are mine and mine alone!

 1.  To serve God better
 2.  To be a better wife, mother, sister and friend
 3.  Finish school strong (done next month!)
 4.  To start my own business and be successful!
 5.  To publish a cookbook with my sister
 6.  For my blog to grow beyond measure
 7.  To lose 25 more pounds, I am still overweight according to the government
 8.  To be vegan
 9.  To save $100 a month
10.  To pay off my car
11.  To read three classic books
12.  To be more organized

I figure one a month and I should be able to do this!  In all reality, if you do not have goals or something to strive for, what are you wanting to gain out of life?  What's your reason for living?

I did google the top 10 New Year's Resolutions and this is what google came up with:

10.  Drink less
 9.  Volunteer
 8.  Be less stressed
 7.  Travel to new places (this is a life goal for me, someplace new every year, even if it is just a new town)
 6.  Spend time with family
 5.  Get out of debt
 4.  Eat healthier and diet
 3.  Learn something new
 2.  Quit smoking
 and the number one goal…drum roll please…..

So, are you still going to the gym?  DON'T GIVE UP! Put down that bottle of booze and package of cigs, head out to your local food bank and do some good!  Write down your goals and then run as fast as you can with it!  Don't stop!

Praying for you and 2014!!!!

Au revoir!  

A la votre  


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