Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Betty Goes Vegan, 1st Recipe Made: Sweet Potato Risotto

I got the Betty Goes Vegan Cookbook by Annie and Dan Shannon for Christmas, and let's just say I LOVE IT!  I looked at it cover to cover the first few days that I had it before deciding on which recipe I should tackle first.  I decided on the Sweet Potato Risotto for a few different reasons.  #1 I love sweet potatoes and rice.  #2 my son loves sweet potatoes, and #3 I had most of the ingredients on hand!  I am on it!


Here I go!

I really like this book.  A lot.

The original recipe.

I did not have any white wine.  Googled what I could use for a replacement, it said white grape juice.  I had some on hand since it was Christmas and New Years! YEA!  I thought it worked just as well!  

Mashing my sweet tator! 
The pot contains the olive oil spray, onions, garlic and white grape juice.  Ready to add the mashed potato. 
I actually found this at Fareway, a local grocery store.  The only vegan flavor they had was vegetable, so that is what I got.  It worked well, and has a great flavor! 
I made the three cups according to the instructions. 
Add the rice to the wine, onions and garlic.

Add the potato.

Mash together.

Add 1/2 cup of broth.

Bring to a boil, add 1/2 cup more until you have gone through the three cups.

Stir stir stir.

In the end add the hot sauce mixture, salt and pepper, stir again.

I did find this cheese at a different grocery store in town, Hy-Vee.  I actually thought it tasted good.  And it does stretch like real cheese.  (For the record vegan cheese is not made with "trans fat oils, or vegetable oils"  vegan cheese is made with palm oil.  Here are the facts

Doesn't look too bad! 
Scooped in a bowl, ready for the cheese!

Sprinkle, sprinkle.

Eat, eat!

Au revoir!  

A la votre  


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