Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fad Diets. A Look at the HCG Diet.

Fad diets...they are out there, and let's face it, WE have all tried one, two or three in our past diet days.  I am glad to say that we are over those days, right?  Right!!!

I wanted to spend the next few months looking at fad diets that are popular, what is really going on in the diet, give you some scientific facts, then let you decide for yourself if you think that yes this is for me, or no, it's a bunch of goofiness and I should just eat better and get some daily exercise in.  ( I am praying you go for the last bit of the previous sentence).  I am not a doctor, or a Registered Dietitian, BUT I have successfully lost 100 pounds, kept it off, I live a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.  Also, I am soon to be a college graduate with a BS in Health Science, Emphasis in Health Wellness and Nutrition.  So you can take my advice or leave it, either way, I am glad that you took the time to read this article!  Let's get going!

hCG.  What is it?  hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotripin, and is found in the urine of pregnant women.  This hormone often causes the newly pregnant woman to feel nausea, have a suppressed hunger and uses fat already stored in the body as fuel.  Okay, makes sense for a woman who is about to have a baby to feel nausea, and use stored fat for fuel for the little baby.  But why would I want to take this hormone?  Well, some people say that when you are given this hCG as an injection into your body (with the injection they are using the real hormone), that your body will start to lose weight at an alarming rate and you will be happy, healthy, thin and perfect.  You can also purchase the drops that go under your tongue at a local retail store and have the same results.  Little do the consumers know that the drops that are sold at retail stores, have little to no hCG hormone in them.  Right now there is a law suit with seven companies and the FDA because they were not being truthful with their advertising and claims with the hCG drops.

If we dig a little further into the hCG diet we see that they only want you to eat 500 calories a day...500 calories...A. Day.  Um, no.  They also suggest that you do not exercise.  Yea, because you know, exercise is bad for you.  Going back to the 500 calorie rule, you live on these few calories for up to 45 days.  It is said to "fix your metabolism"  you also should not use any oils, body lotion or hygiene products (sounds fabulous!)  The 500 calories are supposed to be lean protein and organic vegetables.  Limited sugar intake.  When you eat only 500 calories a day, you are pushing your body into starvation.  When your body is in starvation mode, because you are not getting the proper nutrients, vitamins, protein, etc. your body will turn on itself.  Not only will it consume the stored fat, but then it will turn to your muscle, nibbling away at that to get it's energy.  That is something you DO NOT WANT!

Some of the symptoms that people have had while on the hCG diet are; headaches, blood clots, leg cramps, constipation, temporary hair thinning, depression, male breast enlargement.

The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published an analysis of hCG in 1995, showing that no benefit (weight loss) came from taking the hCG hormone.

When looking at the food intake of the hCG diet, it reminds me of a crash diet.  You get the same results. Starving your body.  If you really really want to spend $500 to $1000 on hCG injections or even the $29.95 on the drops that go under your tongue, do me a favor, email or call me. I will give you a good deal on a healthy eating plan, I will keep you accountable, listen to you, help you, and counsel you every step of the way.  Much better than a shot in the butt or gross liquid under your tongue!:)

Almost everyone who "lost weight" on the hCG diet gained it back in a short amount of time, and some people actually gained back the lost weight and more.

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