Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cabbage Steak

Cabbage steak, a hearty steak for vegans!  I had seen this recipe floating around Facebook, and I though why not give it a try!

After Christmas was the perfect time.  After days of family get togethers, food laying around at the bank I work at, and people bringing you goodies, I decided that we needed a nice light dinner that would be filling, yet satisfying.  I thought the cabbage was absolutely delightful and I ate it as my main dish.  My husband was not as thrilled, he wanted MEAT…but he ate it and his tummy was happy:)

So here ya go!  An easy "steak" that is filling, cheap and good for the body!

Printable recipe here STEAK!

One nice cabbage, olive oil, pepper and seasoning.

Slice into some nice "steaks", my cabbage was not huge, I got three slices from it.

Drizzle with the olive oil, add fresh ground pepper and seasoning of your choice.  I love this italian seasoning from Whole Foods.  Makes everything taste delish! 
Here it is!

Ready to go into the oven, at 350 degrees for 2 hours.  


My dinner!

It is almost the New Year!  Have you decided what your resolutions are going to be?  One great resolution, would be to stick to your resolution!  Don't give up!  YOU CAN and WILL do it!
Start by eating this healthy, easy, good for you dinner!  Your body will thank you!

Au revoir!  

A la votre  



  1. I love this stuff! I make it quite a bit, just for me, as no one else eats it. It's a good lunch to have while the hubby is away to work! :~) (I found my recipe on Pinterest...of course.)

  2. Shaun was not impressed, but I found it wonderful!:)