Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bean Burgers (They Really Are Good!)

My road to becoming vegan has had it's ups and down's, but for the most part, up's!   I like it.  I feel better, sleep better, feel like I have more energy, and I think my skin looks better.  I can honestly say that I do not have a "craving" for meat, but having a hamburger with the rest of the family would be nice, but what is a vegan girl to do?  Make one out of beans, of course!

These "burgers" came out BETTER than I expected, and really were easy.  I had leftovers, because my husband and son are fuddy duddies and would not even try one little, itty, bitty bite, so the next day I heated them up and added them to some Soba Noodles for lunch!  Double yummy!

So, here we go!

Printable Recipe {HERE}

The ingredients are:
soy sauce
pepper (to taste)
lemon juice
olive oil
condiments of your choice

Drain and rinse those little chickpeas.

Walnuts, so good for your brain.

Nothing like a fresh lemon.

Everything is in the mixer.

Um, yeah, it get's better.

Okay, it gets BETTER after this picture....

I am not a "meat toucher" I hate making meatloaf, or salmon patties, I just HATE the feel of that meat on my hands, well this really isn't much better...BUT I made it through the whole patty process.

Into the pan to sear and heat through.  I added some fresh ground pepper to the tops. 

Really, doesn't that look like a burger!!!

My dinner; spinach, avocado, green onion and bean burgers, fresh salsa on top!  This is the life!

One more look, yep, that's a good looking burger....

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Au revoir!

A la votre


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  1. I had no idea you were going all vegan....interesting... the burger does look tasty though! Perhaps I'll give it a try!