Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tomatoes! Food of the Month!!!

The Tomato!  This fruit is making the first food of the month debut!   I picked, no pun intended, the tomato to be the first one because they're in season and well, of course, tasty!

Here is a link about picking and storing your tantalizing tomatoes!  HERE!

The tomato!  What is so great about it?  Well, let's look at the facts.  1 medium tomato has the following:
22 calories
0 saturated fat and cholesterol
6 mg of sodium
292 mg of potassium
4.8 g carbohydrates
1.5 g of fiber
1.1 g of protein
It contains Vitamin C, B6, A, calcium, iron, and magnesium.  
What more could you ask for?  
How about lycopene!  It is a natural antioxidant!  This may help in the prevention of prostate and breast cancer.  It also keeps the skin youthful, and who doesn't want that!!!!

Tomatoes, were first cultivated for their beauty.  Then people realized that they were superb to eat!  We put them in anything and everything!  Salads, sandwiches, we make salsa, gazpacho, we drink it, fry it, make ketchup and soups with it!  What is your favorite way to eat a tomato?  Just like it is, right off the vine, right!?

Some little know facts about the tomato. People in the middle ages didn't like to eat the tomato, not only because there were some that were poisonous and they were afraid of eating the wrong ones. But also because it grows low to the ground, their weak stems can not hold them up, that people thought that the tomato had a "low" status.  The history of the tomato goes back to 1548, where it is recorded in Cosimo de Medici books, that he had some tomatoes arrive from one of his estates.  And last but not least, China is the biggest producer of the tomato!  California is the biggest grower for the United States!

This whole month I will be posting recipes where the tomato will be the star of the show!  Be sure to check out my facebook page for pictures of tomatoes!  If you have a fun picture of a tomato, feel free to share!

So go on out there, find some tomatoes, and enjoy!  Make sure you check out your local growers, and farmers markets!

Au revoir

A la votre~Cheers!



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