Saturday, September 21, 2013


I did it.  I made my own sushi.  About six weeks ago, Shaun and I went to a wedding in Des Moines, and then we had dinner at Sakura Sushi.  It was wonderful.  I was addicted.  Shaun also enjoyed the little tempting rolls of rice and eel sauce.  So what is a girl to do, when you are living in a town with no local sushi restaurants?  Make. Your. Own.  So that is what I did!

After watching some YouTube videos, and purchasing the supplies, I was ready to get my rolling fingers on and make some California Rolls, Shrimp Tempura, or anything else I wanted in that Nori wrap.  Let's do this thing...

Sushi rice {very important because it is sticky} Nori wraps, a bamboo sushi mat, and what ever you want to go inside your rolls.  I used vegetables and shrimp for Shaun's, and I just had the vegetables.

I got the rice and the mat  at an Asian Grocery store.  The Nori wraps are also sold there.  My lovely sister so graciously takes me to the asian markets:}

I broke all the tails off the shrimp and de-thawed (pre cooked).  

Lay out the mat and add a sheet of Cling Wrap.

Place the Nori sheet on top of the mat/wrap. 
With wet fingers {because the rice is sticky} press the rice out on the Nori.  


In the middle of the roll add what ever ingredients you would like.  Shrimp, Jalapeño pepper, onion, tomato.   

All these colors...awesome. 

Now comes the tricky part; roll and press.  It was really tricky for me because I was also the photographer!
With BOTH hands on the bamboo mat, you are going to roll and then apply pressure to the whole roll to make it uniform.   I have also attached a very nice YouTube video for you to watch to get the whole picture:)
The roll.

Lost a shrimp.

Then with a VERY sharp knife, slice, starting in the middle of the roll, your sushi.  You will have to repeatedly rinse your knife and wipe it off.  The rice leaves a sticky residue.

Now time to make mine!  Avocado and onions.  Oh yea!  

All lined up and ready to eat!  {Which must be done right away, or the Nori wrap gets mushy}

I was very impressed with my self!  

For your photo enjoyment....

I added a sesame sauce to Shaun's half.

Au revoir

A la votre-Cheers


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