Sunday, September 15, 2013

Freezing Tomatoes Trying To Be "Old School"

For some unknown reason I would love to preserve food in those fancy glass jars that you place in boiling water, which are still good after many years... Be a total old school mama who makes everything from scratch, gardens, cans, freezes, make my own clothes...okay maybe not that, but you get the picture.  

I have been blessed with a bunch of tomatoes from family and friends.  I like tomatoes, Shaun loves tomatoes, but there are only so many you can eat in a day and so much salsa you can also have on hand.  So I decided to freeze some, first time.  After asking questions on facebook, and getting great feedback, and looking on the internet, I did it!  Now I have 6, one gallon bags of fresh tomatoes in my freezer, ready for chili, stews and soups this winter!  

The beautiful produce.  (Some suggested freezing some onions with the tomatoes to give it a kick, so that is what I did with half of the bags.)

One pot of hot water!  Bring to a boil.

One pan of icy cold water.

In goes the perfect tomato for 1 minute.  Really, that is all it took!

I watched the clock like a hawk, didn't want to mess these beauties up. 
I knew it was done because the skin had split, just like my peeps had told me it would do.

Plunge into the cold water.

The skin peels off so easy!

All peeled, now into the freezer bag.

Squeeze all the air out, and throw in the freezer.  Ready to eat in a hearty vegetarian soup this winter:)

Au revoir

A la votre-Cheers!


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