Friday, August 23, 2013

Will A Cookie A Day Really Hurt You?

Will a cookie a day hurt you?  Not according to my sister...I think sugar courses through her veins, that is the reason why she is so sweet...Anyway!  really she is an artist in sugar, check out her website SUGAR.

Will a cookie a day hurt you?  No, probably not.  The real question is, can you "afford" that cookie a day?  By afford I mean, do you have room in your daily sugar intake account to eat that cookie?  If you do, fine, treat yourself!  If you don't STAY BACK 50 FEET!
*Note, I do not condone eating a cookie a day at all, but some people feel like they must have that bit of sugar love in order to get through the day.  *

So, let's just run through some figures, and you can decide if you can afford that cookie.

The cookie.  I did buy this cookie, ONLY for this project!  I will take it home and give it to Shaun or Zeke.  I promise not to take one nibble!

Some easy fact's that we can all understand about cookies:

One Chocolate Chip has an average of 11 g of sugar
One Oreo has an average of 6.5 g of sugar
Brownie from a box, 16 whopping grams of sugar (1/20 of the box)
Sugar cookie has 5.5 g
Oatmeal (you eat these more than any other cookie because you SWEAR they are healthy with all the fiber from the oatmeal)...has 6.16 g of sugar
and finally the
Peanut Butter cookie from Subway, has to be good for you, it's from Subway and again, another "health" cookie because it has protein...has 16 g  of sugar!!!  HOLY SMOKES!

Okay, so how many of you eat one of these treats a day? or every other day?  A lot of us do.  We do because they are always in our house, where we work, at a friends or grandma's house.  You want to grab something fast so you grab a cookie for an afternoon pick me up.  Really, one cookie, can't hurt me!

Here are the simple truths about sugar.  We consume too much.  Pure and simple.  Two hundred years ago, the average American ate only 2 pounds of sugar a year ( now we eat an average of 152 pounds, yes POUNDS per year!  That is an average of 3 pounds per week!  No way you say!  I don't eat that much sugar!  Well you do.  How do you do it?  Through all the processed foods that are easy, convenient and what you buy from your local grocery store on a regular basis.

The biggest sugar hoarding foods are:
chocolate bars
ice cream
sugared cereals
fruit drinks
and "fat free" products.
Remember, when something says "fat free", it means that fat HAS been removed, but calories and sugar have been added, don't be deceived!

So, how much sugar should you eat?  It should be 10% of your total calorie intake for the day.  If you eat 1500 calories, try to keep it at 100 to 150 calories from sugar.  Or easier yet, 6 teaspoons for a woman, 9 for a man.  Sugar, table sugar, processed sugar, these are empty calories.  They have no nutritional value, at all.  

So can you eat any sugar?  Sure, natural sugar!  Have some fruit, fruit salad, raw veggies, dry fruit, frozen fruit, a little honey, yogurt and fruit.   Pick options that will satisfy your craving and that are good for you!

Too put these cookies mentioned above in perspective of how long it would take you to burn off one average cookie {80 calories} to make room in your sugar budget you would need to do burpees...8 minutes and 20 seconds of burpees, non stop...HAVE YOU EVER DONE A BURPEE????  I hate burpees...really hate them...HIT THE FLOOR my CrossFit instructor yells...I do not want to do any extra burpees, ever, if I can help it!

So, if you have not ate your 6 teaspoons of sugar for the day and you feel like that chocolate chip cookie is screaming your name from across the room then eat it.   If you HAVE met your sugar intake for the day, DON'T DO IT!    Remember, the burpee...revenge of the burpee.  It will catch up to you!

Au revoir

A la votre~Cheers!


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