Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome to Nutrition In A Pinch & Long Grain Wild Rice Hash Recipe!

Hello!  Welcome to Nutrition In A Pinch!  Do you ever go look something up on the internet and you get 1,000,000 results?  You just want one simple question answered, such as; how many calories are in a Granny Smith Apple, that is all you don't get it.  You get all these links, all these websites and you just give up.  I have been there.  Things are overwhelming!  You get more stressed out, throw up your hands and give up!  Well, I am here to help YOU!!  My goal is to create a blog that can answer questions, have daily tips, foods of the month, fit tips, my CrossFit experiences, recipes, articles, grocery shopping lists, everything!  Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but you get the hint.  Any time you want to ask a question, feel free!  That is why I am here!

I do want to let you know that I HAVE BEEN THERE!  I have been obese, tired, mad, depressed, out of energy, all of it.  Then a light bulb went off, and I have turned my life around.  Was it hard? YES!  Has it been worth it?  YES!  More than worth it!  I am so happy that I have turned my life into a healthy happy life!  I just finished my first 30 day challenge of eating clean.  It was well worth the 30 days to detox and get my body in order again.  I loved it so much that I have changed to a plant based/clean eating lifestyle.

 So to cap off a few things:  There is no use of the word DIET.  We are living a LIFESTYLE!  I am open to any suggestions, but in a nice way:}  we all have different ideas and beliefs, I am so happy that we have different ideas.  It is when the rudeness makes it's appearance that it becomes uncomfortable.  I am here to tell you what I believe, take it or leave it:}  This blog is not just about weight loss, but being HEALTHY.  I think we forget that.  We think being healthy is being skinny.  That is not true, skinny people can be very unhealthy.  I love that saying "Strong is the new skinny", so now, on with the show!

Corn beef hash...what is it?  I have heard about it, but have never ate it.  I found it.  At the store.  In a has 350 calories per serving, 900 mg of sodium, 1.9 g of fiber and 10 g of saturated food in a can, said no one ever!  (To check out what your daily saturated fat intake should be go HERE).  If you're eating around 1600 calories a day, your saturated fat intake should only be around 12 grams...might be cutting it close...

So I came up with my own "hash" using long grain rice, because it is clean, loaded with veggies, a little cheese, then, ready to chow down on!

Here we go!

Long Grain Wild Rice Hash {Printable Recipe}

The goods!  All Clean.  All healthy.  All whole.  No better way to eat!

Lovely long grain wild rice.

All together now!

Add cheese to the party.

Fry in coconut oil.  Have you ever even tried coconut oil?  Step out of your box and go buy some! 

Frying up!

Fresh sweet corn as a side!

My supper plate!  So healthy, so fulfilling, so GOOD!

See, wasn't that easy!

Bon appétit

Ann~A la votre~Cheers!

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