Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Avocado a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away! *Probably not, but thought it was catchy*

Avocados!  This was probably the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden because I personally think they are better than apples, or figs or even pomegranates!  They are so good!  I have a very hard time not eating one a day.  Sometimes I eat a half a one with my scrambled eggs in the morning and force myself to give the other half to Shaun to eat for his lunch, it is a hard sacrifice, but I do it!

So what is an avocado for you guys who have never had the pleasure of eating one.  Well, it does make that great dish, guacamole, that you chow down on at the local Mexican Restaurants!  But it is much more that than!  For one thing, it is a fruit, not a vegetable.  They can grow from 8 oz to 3 pounds!  Now a 3 pound avocado would last me awhile!  They are so good for you!  They have two key antioxidants; lycopene and beta carotene.  Lycopene is effective against stomach, colon, lung and skin cancer.  Lycopene is also great at fighting inflammation in your body and is a wonderful anti aging agent for you skin.  Beta carotene protects the body from free radicals, and heart disease.

Avocados do get a bad rap for being "high in fat", 85% of the calories are from fat.  The good news is, that it is good fat that we get from avocados!  The fatty acid in avocados is called oleic acid, similar to the fat composition in olives and olive oil.  This acid helps the digestive track form transport molecules for fat that can increase our absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, like carotenoids.  This is what makes them so good for us!  They can provide us with unique health benefits!

In one cup of avocado you can receive the following:

39% of your DV {Daily Value}  of fiber
38% of DV of Vitamin K
29% of DV of Folate
24% of DV of Vitamin C
20% of DV of Potassium

So what can you do with an avocado?  You can eat it right out of it's shell!  Or you can scramble it with eggs, have a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich, chop it up, throw it in salads, make guacamole with it, go HERE for my HOLY GUACAMOLE recipe, bake a sweet potato and instead of adding butter, add an avocado (one of my FAVORITE dishes!!!) or you can bake it!  Like I did last Sunday!  SO GOOD!

Printable RECIPE

I used three avocados.  I should of used more, because Shaun ended up eating two of them:( 

Peeled, pit removed and quartered.  If you are looking for a fun at home project, try growing an avocado tree!  We are:)
Here is our little avocado farm!  We have one that is huge!  Maybe a 3 pounder will come off of it someday? 

Once they are quartered, drizzle with your oil, add the fresh ground pepper and chopped cilantro.  Pop into a 400 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes! 

Fresh from the oven!

They really are delicious!  So creamy!  

Run to the store, buy some of these luscious fruits and enjoy!  I know you want too!

Au revoir!

A la votre-Cheers


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